Epileptic driver sentenced to life over fatal accident

YICHANG, May 24 (Xinhua) -- A Chinese driver with epilepsy has been sentenced to life in prison for concealing his illness and causing a fatal accident that killed four, local court announced Sunday.

The man, 45, surnamed Zuo, suffered an epileptic seizure when driving a car in downtown area in Yichang City of central China's Hubei Province on May 1 last year, according to the municipal intermediate people's court.

Without any premonition, the car suddenly veered to the opposite lane and hit pedestrians under a bridge, claiming four lives and injuring another eight.

Zuo was charged with endangering public security by using dangerous means, instead of committing traffic offence, according to the court.

Zuo was the first man in the city to receive life imprisonment for a traffic accident.

Zuo was confirmed to have epilepsy as early as in March 2012 but did not report to the traffic administration.

According to Chinese law, those with epilepsy, vertigo, hysteria, mental disorder and Alzheimer's disease are banned from getting driver's license. Those who deliberately conceal their illnesses will be punished if causing traffic accidents.

Zuo has lodged an appeal. Enditem


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