iCrossChina, a news website of China Features, Xinhua News Agency, China’s leading news organization, is an authoritative provider of in-depth reports about China to global readers with a special focus on tracing the rapid changes in the country.

While China Features has firmly established itself as the leading feature story provider for overseas service since its founding in 1950, it has, in recent two years, painfully but successfully turned itself into a new-born operator and owner of iCrossChina, amid the rapidly changing media ecology.

Once China feature story provider for such overseas news moguls as Science and New York Times, China Features, like a Phoenix from the ashes, has retained its traditional position and role, and broken new ground as well.

Widely different from other English news websites here in China, iCrossChina pursues a conciser style in running the website as manifested in its column layout, which include only five columns including News, Insideout,Sizzling and Profile. The newly launched website will focus on in-depth and investigative reporting of China, which is changing with each passing day, and try to present global readers with a panoramic picture of the ancient civilization.

China News for World Service Department, which China Features is affiliated to, is the flagship of domestic news for overseas service in China, releases news items 24 hours daily in seven languages including Chinese, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and Portuguese, by using multimedia communication means, such as texts, photos, graphics, audio messages, video and blogs. Mobile clients and popular APPs will be applied as well.

iCrossChina aims to become a discover of unique angle of new reporting, a narrator of interesting stories,a recorder of on-the spot news and carder of big data.

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