Each Hong Kong compatriot matters in saving the city

Aug. 17, 2019 23:55:00


Violent radicals attempt to break and enter the Legislative Council building in Hong Kong, south China, July 1, 2019. [Xinhua]

By Li Chao, Ren Yaoti

As a villainous and maniacal force sweeping through Hong Kong, the homeland of seven million residents is covered with bruises and faced with fatal harm from a small group of rioters.

Hong Kong residents from all walks of life rallied in Tamar Park Saturday (Aug. 17) to voice their opposition to violence and call for restoring social order, expressing the people's common will to protect and save the city.

For over two months, the forces attempting to disrupt Hong Kong have been stirring up street violence, causing increasing damage to the society.

Hong Kong is now at such a critical moment that every minute is of great significance for its fate.

From storming the Legislative Council Complex, besieging institutions of the central government in Hong Kong and insulting the national flag and anthem, to surrounding Hong Kong police headquarters and attacking police officers with escalation of tools and weapons, from blocking traffic and obstructing people's access to offices, schools and hospitals, to paralyzing the airport and obstructing, insulting, frisking, holding and beating the travellers, the masked rioters have overstepped the bottom line of law, morality and humanity.

The severe violent behaviors have showed a tendency of terrorism and threatened the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong, as well as the safety of its residents' life and property.

At this moment, all innocent and virtuous residents in Hong Kong are not able to stay out and stand aloof, and will not bear any violence.

Now it comes to the critical moment for crucial choice: to safeguard the 'one country, two systems' principle or conniving in undermining it by some people; to protect Hong Kong or let it sink into abyss; to uphold the rule of law and justice, or submit to violence and evil.

Now it comes to the critical moment that requires strong power: every Hong Kong resident who loves Hong Kong and the country must stand out to save and safeguard the city with conscience, uprightness and practical actions, to generate more positive power and smash the vicious forces which attempt to disrupt Hong Kong and antagonize China, to disperse the cloud caused by riots and restore harmony, stability and prosperity for Hong Kong.

It is time to act, Hong Kong needs you all.

Rioters and the hidden forces behind them have done too much villainy, but the justice is manifested and none of them can escape from the punishment.

An increasing number of Hong Kong residents bravely broke their silence with the voice of justice. Meanwhile, the rioters are trembling in fear and resorting to even crazier acts, which they know will soon be over.

This is the moment that we should show more support for Hong Kong residents. Hong Kong belongs to you, as well as to all the Chinese people. Your are backed up by our country and its 1.4 billion people. Now, we stand even closer.

Justice and truth will prevail. (BEIJING 2019-08-17 22:53:54)

Editor: Miao Hong


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