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  • AIIB on a roll with breakthroughs on projects

    AIIB on a roll with breakthroughs on projects

    The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) has enjoyed a smooth first six months, with projects spanning funding and loans, officials said at the bank's first Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors.

  • A look into China's latest space center

    A look into China's latest space center

    On the northeast coast of China's tropical island, the country's fourth satellite launch center is preparing for lift off. If the small city of Wenchang was previously known to the world at all, it was for coconuts and a signature chicken dish.

  • China's new generation rocket Long March-7

    Unlike its predecessors currently in service, the Long March-7, the newest member of the Long March rocket family, will be more environmentally friendly, says its developer.

  • Dog meat festival cooling down under criticism

    The traditional midsummer dog meat festival in a southern Chinese city has opened amid criticism, and it seems that the festive air has been somewhat diluted this year.

  • Poll: Majority of Chinese oppose to "dog meat festival", call for its end

    Most Chinese want an end to the controversial "Yulin Dog Meat Festival", saying it has "harmed China's reputation", according to a poll out Friday.

  • "All Gender Toilet" to serve all

    Notions of identity are fluid, and yet we still have gender segregation, most notably in toilets. A Beijing health organization, however, wants to change attitudes toward sex and gender diversity and has designated "All Gender Toilets" across th


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  • The Beijing club banging the drum for dragon boating

    "Paddles ready? Go!" Dragon Boating is the perfect way to wind down after a hard week at work, say many of the 200 members of TBT, Towards Best Team, although few of them knew much about the sport before taking up their paddles.

  • Bird Lama

    Most monks find inner peace through meditation – Tashi Sangpo turns to nature. The Khenpo, or Tibetan monastic preceptor, spends much of the year in the vast wilderness of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, with his heavy binoculars and cameras, look for birds.

  • Guardian of China’s “Lonely Library”

    Many elderly Chinese spend enjoy their retirement looking after grandchildren, or joining square dancing groups. Meng Xiangqian, however, reignited his career by applying for a post at China’s “lonely library”.

  • Mei Baojiu -- the son of modern Peking Opera

    The passing of a Peking Opera maestro this week has left the nation mourning the loss of another master.

  • Life is hard award-winning author tells young readers

    Xu Mingze holds his breath. He is reading a story about a little girl of his age, who steps in to stop a hoodlum stealing jujubes from a blind old woman.

  • Keyboard wizard finds new type of Chinese success

    With a growing number of Chinese high-tech startups competing in the domestic market, Hu has looked abroad, aiming to make his input method China’s best new export.