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  • American man's bamboo dream driving two wheels of progress

    China was once known as the “Bicycle Kingdom” – before two wheels were dethroned by four. Now a young American living in Beijing is using his ingenuity and pieces of bamboo to restore the sovereignty of the humble bike.

  • The Beijing club banging the drum for dragon boating

    "Paddles ready? Go!" Dragon Boating is the perfect way to wind down after a hard week at work, say many of the 200 members of TBT, Towards Best Team, although few of them knew much about the sport before taking up their paddles.

  • Bird Lama

    Most monks find inner peace through meditation – Tashi Sangpo turns to nature. The Khenpo, or Tibetan monastic preceptor, spends much of the year in the vast wilderness of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, with his heavy binoculars and cameras, look for birds.

  • Guardian of China’s “Lonely Library”

    Many elderly Chinese spend enjoy their retirement looking after grandchildren, or joining square dancing groups. Meng Xiangqian, however, reignited his career by applying for a post at China’s “lonely library”.

  • Mei Baojiu -- the son of modern Peking Opera

    The passing of a Peking Opera maestro this week has left the nation mourning the loss of another master.

  • Life is hard award-winning author tells young readers

    Xu Mingze holds his breath. He is reading a story about a little girl of his age, who steps in to stop a hoodlum stealing jujubes from a blind old woman.